Singapore is the second most expensive country for fine dining

Hand of a chef garnishing a fillet of beef with herbs and vegetables on a ceramic plate in a kitchen
Fine dining is more expensive in some places than others. (Photo: Getty Images)

We're a foodie nation for good reasons. From hawker fares that politicians frequent to Michelin-starred restaurants booked out months in advance – food is the common factor to a good time regardless of social status.

For those with a taste for Michelin fare, here's a fun fact – Singapore reigns second on the list of the most expensive countries to eat at a top-rated Michelin restaurant. According to data at Chef's Pencil, who researched the top tasting menus of 450 restaurants that have earned two or three Michelin stars all around the world, here are the key takeaways:

  • On average, the full tasting menu costs USD252 (S$341) for two-starred restaurants and a whopping USD357 (S$483) for three-starred restaurants.

  • Denmark (USD404, S$556) is the most expensive country to dine out at a top Michelin-starred restaurant. It is followed by Singapore (USD364, S$492), Sweden (USD327, S$442), Japan (USD322, S$435) and the U.S. (USD313, S$423).

  • Thailand is the most affordable country in our rankings, where the top-priced tasting menu costs on average USD173 (S$234), followed by Ireland, South Korea), Taiwan, Portugal and Spain.

  • Copenhagen (USD448, S$606) is the most expensive city, followed by Shanghai, and Kyoto. Singapore ranks 4th among the most expensive cities.

  • Bangkok is the most affordable city, followed by Lyon, Seoul, Rotterdam and Barcelona.

For those planning on Michelin-starred anniversary dinners or self-care treats, pad your wallets!