Singapore restaurant serves ramen with fireworks

If you're looking for an "a-blazing" dining experience, Japanese restaurant Kotobuki is serving up bowls of pork and beef ramen topped with a lot of sparks.

Inspired by the fireworks festivals in Japan, the Bakudan Ramen is a big serving of ramen noodles and beansprouts soaked in pork broth and covered with a thick layer of grilled meat.

For desserts, there's a host of rose-flavoured sweet treats ranging from rose-flavoured souffle cheese cakes, ice rose cheese tarts, a cup of rose muscato tea with pink cotton candy as well as a hot plate of rolled cake doused with rose berries syrup.

The pink cotton candy is placed just above the hot tea to allow the steam to melt the candy and have it "rain" its sweetness into the drink. To our surprise, it wasn't as sweet as we had expected it to be and was as good as having a cup of tea with a standard packet of sugar.

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