A Singapore reporter's Oscars adventure: Kicked out of the press room and finding a fairy godmother

Nurul Azliah
Senior Lifestyle Reporter
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    LOL everyone
    I would say that Nurul's dressing to an important event is way better than SG University and Poly where some gals dress like Ah Lian. Golden hair plus wearing shorts and slippers. This one is really sia suay to our tertiary institutions lah.
  • F
    Short skirt with USD 67.00 in her pocket she went to USA. Please stay in singapore and cover parliament news.
  • T
    nice heartwarming story but this also illustrate how ill prepared you are in reporting a formal event like this.
  • g
    Kindness at that scale is amazing. You're gonna carry the scars for life. I mean, the niceness scars. Wonderful journalism.
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    George Takuya
    One word - Inexperience.
  • A
    Nurul, this is one amazing story so well written that it brings me tears of joy!
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    should wear baju kurung
  • A
    Kindness and grace...
  • S
    Sally Yeh
    Sorry to say, Nurul, your outfit is really "CMI" for an oscar ceremony.
  • l
    It is true Nurul, the dress looks cute on you and you are pretty too. Danai is a beautiful person - her actions tells me so.

    Enjoyed your article!