Singapore aesthetic doctor faces down legal trouble over unflattering Fann Wong article

An aesthetic doctor who used actress Fann Wong as a case study in bad face jobs said today that he’s lawyered up in response to legal threats from her handlers.

The doctor, Siew Tuck Wah, told Coconuts that he’s engaged a lawyer due to unspecified threats by Wong’s media company over his article about the 50-year-old performer’s appearance.

“Fann Wong’s media company brought in the lawyers, so I had to engage one too, to act for me,” he said in a Friday afternoon message.

Wong’s agency, Catwalk Asia, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Siew said he was therefore not at liberty to discuss the article, which used her recent Star Awards appearance to dispense advice on cheek fillers, noting that he’d already taken it down a week ago around the same time the star’s BFF and hairstylist trashed him as “insensitive.”

“Lawyers are involved now, so I should not comment too much or circulate the article,” the medical director of Radium Medical Aesthetics said last night when contacted for comment.

In the article, Siew used the celeb’s appearance to dispense tips to patients who don’t want to look “heavy.” Siew said in the article that he’d written it in response to patients putting forward concerns about cheek fillers and Wong’s appearance:

“Firstly, Fann Wong was singled out amongst all the other artistes present. Secondly, my patients diagnosed by themselves that Fann had undergone (too much) filler treatments, when I had never mentioned it to them.” He also pointed out that lighting and styling may have contributed to the star’s appearance.

On May 14, he removed the article on the same day Wong’s hairstylist, David Gan, called him out for using Wong to promote his business.

Siew, whose site indicates he’s been working with injectables for over a decade, alleged in the article that Wong went for cheek fillers. The article even compared the actress’s appearance at last months’ award show with her appearance in the ‘90s. Siew did praise Wong for looking “flawless” at her age.

Gan, who is close to Wong and other celebrities in the local Chinese-language entertainment industry, slammed Siew as “insensitive.” Gan has not responded to Coconuts’ messages seeking comment.

“Have you met Fann before? I feel it’s [a little] insensitive on your part to pass judgement on someone you’ve never met in person?” Gan wrote online on May 14. Wong, and actor hubby Christopher Lee, reacted in the comments with heart emoticons.

Correction: Dr Siew Tuck Wah is an aesthetic doctor and not a cosmetic surgeon.

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