Singapore is now the fourth most overworked city in the world

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most overworked city singapore
most overworked city singapore

Are you loving it, living in the one of the most overworked cities in the world?

According to a study by Kisi, an American security solutions company, Singapore is now the fourth most overworked city in the world, behind only Dubai, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur. It seems even with the long holiday weekends we’ve been getting, we still hustle a lot. 

When you start connecting dots, however, the quagmire becomes instantly starker as Singapore is caught in a double whammy – overworked and poorly remunerated. The latter is especially conspicuous when putting salaries on offer between economic powerhouses like Dubai and Hong Kong, ensnared in a middle-income trap, side by side. 

The latest study conducted by Kisi sorts cities based on several criteria, including work intensity, city livability, quality of healthcare, cost of living and time off. 

Bangkok (Image credit: Braden Jarvis/Unsplash)
Bangkok (Image credit: Braden Jarvis/Unsplash)

Which cities in the world are the most overworked?

Three metropolises in Southeast Asia round out the top 10 with KL (third), Singapore (fourth) and Bangkok (seventh). Others high on the unenviable list include Montevideo (fifth), Tokyo (sixth), Cape Town (eighth), Lisbon (ninth) and Budapest (tenth). 

Which cities are best for work-life balance?

A revelation that surprises nobody – the Europeans are getting their mix of productivity and leisure right. The 10 best are in the following order: Oslo, Bern, Helsinki, Zurich, Copenhagen, Geneva, Ottawa, Sydney, Stuttgart and Munich. 

The Germans are known for their superior productivity during office hours, and any form of communication related to work performed once the person has clocked off is considered a faux pas, while the Swiss are guaranteed no less than four weeks of time-off every year. 

A worker in Norway typically gets through 37.5 hours of work weekly, according to Norwegian portal Altinn.

Geneva Switzerland
Image credit: Lukas Blaskevicius on Unsplash

Which cities are best for working from home?

Topping the list is Singapore, followed by Washington DC, Austin, Bern, Zurich, Geneva, San Francisco, Boston, Stockholm and Liverpool.

“Since the pandemic began, we have experienced the difficulties of juggling our jobs and private lives, and have grown to appreciate the value of having a healthy balance between the two. 

“As the pandemic winds down, its economic impact, combined with that of the war in Ukraine, is being felt around the world in the form of high inflation which is already affecting day-to-day life.

“Against this worrying backdrop, the onus is on companies – and governments – to take steps to establish a positive balance between work and life commitments for the mental well-being of employees,” explains Kisi of the purpose of its report. 

(Hero and featured image credit: Zhu Hongzhi/Unsplash)

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