Couples flaunt lavish weddings in hayu's new series, Asia's Most Extravagant Wedding

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Rachel Wee and Ken Chen in episode 1. (PHOTO: hayu)
Rachel Wee and Ken Chen in episode 1. (PHOTO: hayu)

2020 has changed the way we view and plan weddings —grand, festive events, with extended family and friends in attendance—might not be the norm again for a long time. But that doesn’t mean one can’t dream about an extravagant, opulent wedding of their dreams.

Subscription-based video streaming service hayu recently debuted Asia’s Most Extraordinary Weddings, will all three episodes of the first season available on-demand.

The series showcases some of Asia’s most extravagant weddings (think Crazy Rich Asians), where no price is too steep for the wedding of their dreams.

Each episode follows engaged couples as they plan the most important day of their lives. The first episode kicked off with the wedding of Singaporean couple, Rachel Wee (the daughter of Jean Yip and Mervin Wee, the duo behind beauty and wellness-focused homegrown Jean Yip Group) and her husband Ken Chen last year.

The 40-minute episode showcased a larger-than-life mermaid-themed affair, complete with a life-size clamshell and even an appearance from ‘Neptune’, the Roman god of waters and seas.

Subsequently, episode 2 also features another love story made in Singapore, with couple Rudy and Gloria sealing their 35-year love last year. Rudy, whose profession is an architect, and his wife, Gloria, an entrepreneur, splashed out on a lavish eight-course banquet for 400 guests.

Proving that his love has no bounds, Rudy personally designed a glittering eight carats ruby engagement ring. Gloria grabbed everyone’s attention on the big day with two designer gowns for the occasion – a white silk dress sparkling with over 2,000 Swarovski Crystals and a designer sequinned pink gown.

Sam and MJ in episode 3. (PHOTO: hayu)
Sam and MJ in episode 3. (PHOTO: hayu)

In episode 3, viewers will witness Indonesia’s wedding of the year in March 2019, where celebrity, businessman and suit designer Sam married influencer MJ in Jakarta. A team of 100 put together a Hollywood-themed celebration brimming with 35,000 fairy lights to mimic the stars; 120,000 crystals for dramatic sparkle; and 20 varieties of flowers to adorn the ballroom and stage. MJ had waited for six months to try on her custom wedding dress - inspired by bomber jacket silhouettes and men’s tailoring - while Sam roped in three generations of tailors to decide his wedding suit.

To watch Asia’s Most Extraordinary Weddings, you’ll need a membership account with hayu.