Singapore celebs' social media recap: Week 30 Dec - 5 Jan

6 Jan - Here's what our beloved celebs have to say about the New Year!

"A new decade and so a new chapter begins for us - and while I'm not sure I'm all that ready for it, I'm glad that I have [Qi Yuwu] with me to be my voice of reason and pillar of strength. Happy New Year from us to you. May all good things come your way this 2020!" - Joanne Peh.

"Biggest lesson learnt in 2019 - intelligence and wisdom is not fixed. You CAN earn them, a page, a conversation, a video, a podcast or better yet an experience at a time. You are what you do." - Andie Chen.

"2020. It will be a great year. I wish you all good health, happiness and safety in 2020. Make a wish with heart, treat others with heart. Do more good deeds." - Chen Han Wei.

"The new year, to me, is honestly just another day. Simply because I never know what tomorrow will bring. I want to remind myself to celebrate every single day, always live it to the fullest and to just be happy." - Jeanette Aw.

"Happy New Year Everyone! May 2020 be a year filled with Love, Good health & wealth and positivity all around, InsyaAllah. Alhamdulillah I'm extremely proud & excited to Officially announce my Team of Property Consultants!" - Taufik Batisah.

"Happy 2020! New year, new cheer! My motto for this year? "Do Better Do Different", of course!" - Joanna Dong.

"2019 was good, far from what I expect it to be. Still, I am blessed for everything that happened. Very happy to welcome 2020, a new decade for more wonderful things to come. Hope everyone had a great 2020!" - Nick Teo.

"When I thought on 2019 I initially thought of big events (work, family, travel). But as the years go by it's the small things I cherish most. The daily kindnesses, wins, awakenings, putting things into perspective, lessons (patience, acceptance, tolerance), joys, laughs, smiles... Life passes fast, and that can make me sad, but it also sharpens my resolve to look up (from this phone) and learn, appreciate, help more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who have helped, supported, taught, and loved me! And a very very happy 2020 to you all." - Jamie Yeo.

"Another year passed. Time flies. Was this year what you expected? Did the wish come true? I think we all have joy and sadness, there are ups and downs, there are pride and disappointment, there is peace and confusion... Every moment is our footprints! It's our unique journey and memories. In the new year, I wish you all to continue to follow your own breathing and heartbeat, take the way you want to go, do what you like to do, love yourself more, tolerate yourself, and evolve into better people! Happy New Year!" - Tanya Chua.