Singapore celebs' social media recap: Week 5 - 11 March

12 Mar - Here's looking at the interesting things our celebrities were doing last week.

Tong Bing Yu shares this photo all the way from Shanghai, writing, "Ladies, your gentleness can fight the storm, your perseverance can change the world; You, deserve a better life. Happy International Women's Day."

Dawn Yeoh introduces Jyoti, a Nepalese woman who is part of The Body Shop's Community Trade Partner, GPI (Get Paper Industry) and looks at how the collaboration has changed her life.

Sora Ma shares this photo that she did with Singapore-based Malaysian photographer David Koh as part of a "Stop Violence Against Women" campaign.

Still enjoying her time in hometown Singapore, Yvonne Lim didn't forget to wish all women everywhere a Happy International Women's Day with this photo of her enjoying her alone time.

Quan Yi Fong took a time of her busy schedule to visit the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh, where she expressed sadness on what the refugees have to go through in order to escape genocide in their own country.

Jeanette Aw is all fire and fierceness of herself on International Women's Day, and had this to say: "Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't."

While Xiang Yun shares this ladylike photo of herself to wish all women everywhere a Happy Women's Day.