Singapore band Wormrot on Glastonbury: We're taking it as we do like any other festivals

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Singapore grindcore band Wormrot (Photo: Wormrot's Facebook page)
Singapore grindcore band Wormrot (Photo: Wormrot's Facebook page)

Grindcore band Wormrot are set to become Singapore’s first band to perform at iconic UK music festival Glastonbury. The band are excited to be a part of this year’s stellar line-up, which includes big acts such as Radiohead and Foo Fighters.

The band, whose music is a combination of hardcore punk and death metal, shared their excitement during a recent interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore.

“We are taking it as we do like any other festivals. However, I don’t think it is a norm for extreme genres to be featured on such festival. We are truly excited and honoured to be a part of this,” said drummer Vijesh.

The three-piece band, formed in 2007, also comprises Arif (vocals) and Rasyid (guitars). Outside of making music and touring, Arif works as a warehouse supervisor, while Rasyid is a delivery van driver and Vijesh teaches drum lessons.

Prior to Glastonbury, the band performed at several other music festivals such as Netherlands Deathfest and Obscene Extreme Asia. The band said that they will leave for the UK on 22 June and will return to Singapore on 26 June.

They will also be performing at ITE Central on 26 August before heading to Jakarta for NOXA Festival in November.

When asked about what the audience can expect from their Glastonbury debut, Vijesh said, “Well… it won’t be much of a surprise if we told you, but expect a fully charged ‘in-your-face’ set.”

This is the first time that Glastonbury will have a dedicated stage for heavy metal, and it is hosted by Earache Records, the label that has been managing Wormrot since 2010. The band was formed in 2007.

They will be performing alongside bands such as UK grindcore pioneers Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life at the Truth Stage in the Shangri-La area.

The Truth Stage is just one of the many stages that will be hosting performances.

Singapore band Wormrot to perform at Glastonbury Festival (Photo: Wormrot's Facebook page)
Singapore band Wormrot to perform at Glastonbury Festival (Photo: Wormrot's Facebook page)

Despite having to fund most of their tours by themselves, Wormrot have had the “immense privilege” to be able to tour Europe and UK five times.

Vijesh said that the Netherlands Deathfest was his favourite festival to perform at.

“The atmosphere was great and it was beyond belief when we got to mingle with Repulsion, Discharge and a bunch of other friends backstage. Mad times. I’m really looking forward to many more great moments,” he said.

The Glastonbury Festival, held at Pilton, Somerset, is a five-day festival that showcases contemporary music and performing arts.

Started in 1970, the event is regarded as the largest greenfield festival in the world and has been held almost every year since its inauguration. Other big names that will be performing this year include pop sensations Katy Perry and Lorde.

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