Singapore band performs Sun Ho's song 'China Wine'

Gabriel Choo
Singapore band performs Sun Ho's song 'China Wine'

Over a year after the verdict on the scandalous City Harvest Church case involving the misappropriation of funds was announced, we didn’t think the song “China Wine” would resurface again. Well, not for a long time, at least.

However, local band Stopgap has decided to revive memories of the gyrating City Harvest Church member turned failed popstar Sun Ho, who is now the leader of the church.

The original song was produced by rapper and former member of The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, and the music video features Ho dancing provocatively to the song’s dancehall tunes.

Now Stopgap, which consists of Adin Kindermann (vocal), Yew Jin Lee (guitar), Calvin Phua (guitar), Grayson Seah (bass) and Eldad Leong (drums), have decided to do an acoustic cover that sounds mellow, relaxing and surprisingly refreshing.

The video of their performance was uploaded to the band’s YouTube channel on Monday (11 September) and has received praises from many viewers.

A netizen on YouTube said, “Way better than the original! At least don’t see horse face and the music way better.”

Listen to Stopgap’s cover of “China Wine” here:

Listen to the original version of “China Wine” here:

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