Singapore Authorities ‘Very Concerned’ About Hidden COVID-19 Community Cases

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The situation in Singapore looks grim as authorities are “very concerned” about the hidden COVID-19 cases in the community, according to a report on CNA. In a video message, Minister of Finance and co-chair of the multi-ministry task force, Lawrence Wong said that the recent outbreak at the MINDSville@Napiri Adult Disability Home is a “stark reminder of this.”

This caution comes just days after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s address where he said that the country’s Covid restrictions may be relaxed after June 13 if the situation improves.

However, it seems there is a new development and a reason for people to stay more alert and follow all the guidelines strictly.

Hidden COVID-19 Cases In Singapore A Cause For Concern

hidden COVID-19 cases
hidden COVID-19 cases

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Talking about the hidden COVID cases, Mr Wong assured citizens that the multi-ministry task force has been monitoring the situation and considering the next steps.

He said, “We are dealing with a very infectious and highly contagious strain of the virus, which is capable of spreading much faster than anything we’ve had to deal with before, and causing large clusters to break out easily.”

On Wednesday night it was reported that 27 people at the MINDSville@Napiri Adult Disability Home have tested positive for COVID-19.

Amid the rise in the hidden COVID-19 cases, Mr Wong urged people to take the precautions and safeguards very seriously.

Reiterating the safety guidelines, here’s what he asked people to do-

  • Stay home as much as possible

  • Work from home whenever you can and minimise your daily contacts

  • Those who feel unwell should see a doctor and get tested for COVID-19 immediately,

  • Book a vaccination slot and get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible. Mr Wong, further added that the Government will continue to “ramp up” testing and speed up its vaccination programme.

COVID-19 Cases on June 3

Singapore reported 45 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday. This is the highest daily case count since May 16, when Singapore entered Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) following a spike in community cases.

There were also 10 new imported cases on Thursday. All of whom were placed on stay-home notice upon arrival in Singapore. As of today, no new cases were reported in migrant workers’ dormitories. But here are the cases that have shook the authorities in the past one week.

MINDSville@Napiri cluster

  • Three fully vaccinated nurses tested positive on Thursday. They were detected from proactive testing of staff members working in the home. One of whom was asymptomatic while the other two cases developed symptoms after they were tested for COVID-19.

  • About 19 of the other cases linked to MINDSville@Napiri are residents who had already been quarantined. Among them, 17 had already been vaccinated.

  • All of the residents and employees at the home were tested after a resident was confirmed to have COVID-19 on May 31.

Clusters grow in Singapore

  • One more case was added to the McDonald’s delivery riders cluster, bringing the total number of infections to 21.

  • The NTUC Foodfare cluster has now 11 cases

  • A 3-year-old Singaporean student at My First Skool (332B Anchorvale Link) has been linked to a cluster involving a 65-year-old Singaporean who is a homemaker.

Decrease in Community Cases

Overall, there has been a marginal dip in the community cases.

  • Community cases have decreased from 152 cases in the week before to 147 cases in the past week.

  • The unlinked cases in the community have however, increased from 24 cases in the week before to 26 cases in the past week.

  • A total of 231 cases are still in the hospital. Most of them are stable or improving, and two are in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

As of Thursday, Singapore reported a total of 62,145 COVID-19 cases, including 33 fatalities. ​

Continued Heightened Alert May Help Curb Cases

Under the current Phase 2 guidelines, that came into effect on May 16, dining-in at food and beverage outlets is not allowed and gatherings are limited to two people. Employers have also been asked to make work from home default.

As PM Lee earlier said if the situation continues to improve, and the number of community cases fall further, then Singapore can look towards relaxing the restrictions. However, for that, cases need to come under control.

While the government is doing their best to control the surge and monitor the cases, it is also our duty as citizens to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

Be sure to practice hygiene, wear masks when heading out and educate children about the same. If you’re still confused on how to teach your children about safety guidelines, here’s how you can begin.

COVID Safety Guidelines To Teach Your Kids

hidden COVID-19 cases
hidden COVID-19 cases

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Wash your hands

Remind your kids to constantly wash their hands with soap and water. If they step out, they should use a sanitiser to keep their hands clean. Kids also sometimes forget this rule and touch their face with dirty hands. So remind them to be careful and avoid touching their nose, eyes, and face in general with unsanitised hands.

Wear a mask

We know it is a task to make kids wear masks, but it is the only way that can not only assure their safety but also stop COVID from spreading. Encourage your kids to wear them and choose a mask that has a high filtration capacity and not just looks cool.

Don’t step out unnecessarily

Yes, June holidays are in full-swing they might to step out. But, you need to be extra careful. Even if you plan an outing with them, you can select a place that is secluded. Alternatively, you can plan virtual tours or online activities to keep them entertained.

It is not the time to put out guards down. Stay safe and get vaccinated!

News source: CNA


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