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Singapore Airlines Just Unveiled Its New A380 Design and It Looks Amazing

Singapore Airlines has revealed its new A380 design, with seating and suites that let every passenger make the space their own for the duration of the flight.

The new A380 cabin will carry up to 471 customers in four classes, including six private-jet inspired Singapore Airlines suites, 78 business class seats suitable to singles or couples, 44 premium economy class seats with a number of comfort and productivity features, and 343 versatile economy class seats.

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The airline is investing $850 million on designing, manufacturing, and equiping its A380 fleet.

“The significant investment that we are making with the introduction of new cabin products demonstrates our commitment to continued investment in products and services, our long-term approach to ensure we retain our leadership position, and our confidence in the future of premium full-service air travel,” said Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong. (Travel + Leisure readers have voted Singapore Airlines the best airline for 22 years in a row.)

Throughout the design process, Singapore Airlines followed a theme of “space made personal,” with a focus on offering passengers more space and privacy, and allowing for greater personalization of the flying experience.

“The new cabin products are the culmination of four years of work, involving extensive customer research and close partnerships with our designers and suppliers,” Goh said. “We are confident that the results will genuinely ‘wow’ our customers.”

Here's a look at the design.