Actress Joanne Peh to launch ‘creative children’s programme’ and write a book in 2018

Nurul Azliah
Senior Lifestyle Reporter
Singaporean actress Joanne Peh to launch ‘creative children’s programme’ and write a book in 2018. (Photo: Joanne Peh/Instagram)

It’s going to be a busy year for Singaporean actress Joanne Peh, who shared her 2018 plans on Instagram just two days before ushering the new year.

On Saturday (30 December), the 34-year-old announced that she had been busy developing a “creative children’s programme” and is hoping to launch it in 2018. Additionally, Peh will be working on a book and return to acting.

I am nervous but deeply encouraged by the good friends around me and I wish all of you a fruitful year ahead and one filled with the best friendships!” said the mother of two, who gave birth to her second child at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in April. Besides appearing in Channel 8 drama Dream Coders in early 2017, she has spent a big part of the year focusing on parenting and spending quality time with her firstborn, engaging in creative activities such as painting and baking.

Joanne Peh’s daughter exploring ice and food colouring. (Photo: Joanne Peh/ Instagram)

Peh is married to actor Qi Yuwu, who is currently based in Beijing, China. The couple tied the knot in 2014 and had their first child in August 2015.

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