Simon Yam surprises wife Qi Qi at brand event

3 Sep – Thankful for the care Qi Qi has shown him throughout his recuperation from the previous knife assault, Simon Yam recently surprised his supermodel wife at the launch of her new collaboration with tourbillon watch brand, MEMORIGIN.

As reported on Mingpao, on 1 September, as Qi Qi was discussing the inspiration behind her design for MEMORIGIN's new series, LOVE LOVE in a press conference in Shanghai, the actor appeared on stage in full panda costume, much to her delight.

Said Simon, before the two of them were married, he would often give Qi Qi dolls from foreign countries when he returned to Hong Kong.

"As long as she enjoys it, I hope to continue making sweet memories for her," he said.

The supermodel chimed in, saying that she is lucky to grow up in a loving family and being blessed with a husband like Simon and a daughter like Ella.

Speaking about his rehabilitation, Simon revealed that Qi Qi would cook for him every day even though she has never liked cooking.

"Doctors advised me to eat more collagen to recover, so Qi Qi would go online and also ask friends to teach her how to cook. Ella would also make desserts for me," he said.

When asked to rate Qi Qi and Ella's cooking, the actor responded, "Like a Michelin star chef."

(Photo Source: Qi Qi Instagram)