Simon Yam still wants to direct feature-length film

Heidi Hsia
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29 Mar – Simon Yam recently admitted that his filmmaking dream has yet to be crushed, as he still hopes to direct his first ever feature film.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who previously directed one of the stories for the horror anthology "Tales From the Dark", revealed that he has already begun to choose a script for his feature-length debut.

"I haven't tried yet, but I really want to do so. I also would like to be a cinematographer and create movies with rich Hong Kong colour," he added.

Asked who he will cast in his movie, Simon said that he would love to work with his daughter, Ella.

"She knows English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. She isn't that much different from the young people nowadays, so she is very suitable," he said.

Simon would like to work with model daughter Ella
Simon would like to work with model daughter Ella

Asked if he has spoken to supermodel wife Qi Qi about casting their daughter in a movie, Simon said that his wife would have no issue with it as long as he is the one directing. However, the actor stressed that he would prefer if Ella not join the film industry yet.

"It's better if she just continues to model for magazines for now," he said.

Simon and his beautiful wife Qi Qi
Simon and his beautiful wife Qi Qi

(Photo Source: Simon Yam Instagram, Qi Qi Instagram, Ella Yam Instagram)