Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Recreate ‘Shaun of the Dead’ for a Coronavirus PSA (Video)

Jeremy Fuster

There are a lot of public service announcements about the coronavirus, but even if you’re caught up, here’s a new one that’s definitely worth your time: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have recreated a famous scene from “Shaun of the Dead” to tell people what they should do.

In the original film, Shaun and Ed come up with a plan to find Shaun’s mom, kill Phillip (sorry, Phillip), find Shaun’s ex-girlfriend Liz,  and then find a place where they can “have a cup of tea wait for all of this to blow over.” Of course, that plan that gets revised over and over again with director Edgar Wright’s signature quick editing.

This time, though, the plan is different. Call mom, make sure she’s OK. Don’t kill Phillip, but call the NHS (or CDC if you’re in the U.S.) if he has the virus. Don’t go to Liz’s or the Winchester, but do stay home and have a cup of tea and wait for all of this to blow over.

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During their call, Pegg and Frost have jokes about toilet paper, what happened the last time they went to the Winchester (in case you forgot how the film went, it wasn’t good), and explaining that Ed’s use of the word “gay” in the original scene about The Plan wasn’t intended to be homophobic but instead was a commentary and criticism of homophobia.

If this video makes you nostalgic for “Shaun of the Dead,” you can stream it now on Starz or DirecTV or rent it from Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube and other digital platforms. Check out Pegg and Frost’s PSA in the clip above, and watch the original below:

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