How Simma Dhaliwal Went From Digital Marketing Influencer to A Producer & Entrepreneur

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A journey of a 19 years young self made entrepreneur, Harsimran Singh Dhaliwal aka Simma Dhaliwal. Many entrepreneurs face numerous challenges when starting a business, and their journey is sometimes unpredictable. In the end, it is their determination, grit, and nimbleness that propels them to success. Simma Dhaliwal’s tale teaches this lesson to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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He took his first step as a freelancer towards his dreams. But now with his hard-work he has earned a good name and place in the digital marketing industry. Simma says , “Being an entrepreneur is about having a clever idea, a working idea, something people need, something they’ll want, and something that’s scalable,” Simma explains. And that strategy only works if you embrace your purpose, your mission, demonstrate drive and consistency, quit procrastinating, and start working outside your comfort zone.”

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So let’s talk more about him : Simma is also a producer and helps artists to distribute their music worldwide, some of his contributions are : Kuware Jatt, Mere Naalde, Four by 4 & Gangster Jatt by David Sandhu. As a Digital marketing Influencer, he has helped big artists to establish themselves in the Digital market. From very early on, he understood Digital Marketing possessed a great scope and wanted to establish himself as an Internet Marketer. As a Social Media Expert & Strategist, he has helped his clients to build a positive digital reputation and use social media as a tool to leverage their target audience. With his experience and expertise, Simma started his own Social Media Agency.

From the beginning, he knew that, in the unforeseeable future, when technology will be at its peak, the Internet will play a vital role in everyone’s lives. So, he became a Freelancing & SEO specialist. He helped many clients to start their freelancing journey and earn a livelihood from it. In addition, he is a Video Director and good in graphic editing . Along with helping clients start from scratch and achieve success, he has been working on several personal projects.

Simma Dhaliwal stresses the importance of competitor analysis before constructing any digital marketing campaign. He explains, “Without competitor analysis, you cannot know how deep and difficult is the existing competition. Marketing is 80 percent analysis and 20 percent execution and I believe in meticulous research followed by a fool proof and original marketing strategy.

The key to success in digital space lies in planned execution and establishing a deep connection with prospective customers. It is only possible if you solve their grievances, address their problems in new versions of your product, and maintain a constant interaction on social media. Establishing credibility takes time but once you do it, your brand will automatically become the topmost preference.”

Simma Dhaliwal has been helping many people achieve their dreams. He believe that “it is essential
to understand where you stand and what you want to achieve. You must analyse the gap between your efforts and your dreams and then work on it.

Along the way, you will meet many who will try to pull you down for many reasons. You must be strong and ready to endure pain for your dreams. If you are unsure of what you want to do in life, it will be easy for people to sway you from your path. Once diverted, you may never be able to return. So, discover your passion and hold it tightly, and no matter what happens, do not let go.”

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