Sienna Miller reflects on style 'evolution' following boho-chic days

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller's style has "evolved" from her boho-chic days.

The 21 Bridges actress was one of the celebrities most commonly associated with the bohemian and hippie fashion trend in the early 2000s, along with model Kate Moss, stylist Rachel Zoe and designer twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Looking back at her boho-chic days for an interview with, the British actress shared that she has had a style evolution since then.

"I mean, if I look back on the early '00s which is when it happened, I don't know that I'd put all of my clothes together in that way now, like I did then," Sienna said. "It was a real moment in time and kind of amazing for people to respond in the way that they did, out of nowhere. I have always been drawn to that aesthetic."

When asked if she regretted any of her boho ensembles, she replied, "I look back and laugh at a lot of it now... it doesn't bother me... It was a moment in time, but I've evolved, is what I would say."

The 37-year-old relies upon stylist Kate Young to find her designer looks for her press tours and most red carpet events, but her everyday wardrobe is now far removed from the aesthetic that she helped popularise.

"I pretty much wear jeans and a jumper every single day," the star explained. "Or wide-legged trousers and a sweater. I've got a bit of a sweater obsession. I'm really into them. And shoes... whatever is on my feet is probably the most exciting part of whatever is my uniform. I can't stop, all I want is sweaters."

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