Shuk Sahar's wife says they are no longer living together

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5 Nov – Amid rumours that Shuk Sahar has been spotted with another woman, wife Rossa Sera revealed that she and the comedian have been estranged for a while now.

Speaking to the media about their marriage, Rossa, whose real name is Rossalennnah Natassyiah Asshaferah, stated that the two of them have not been living together for over a month, and that she is now in the process of filing for divorce.

"I am determined to end the marriage now, as it has been five years since I first experienced this emotional abuse. We have not even been living together for a month now," she said.

Rossa said that she has had enough of the comedian manipulating the situation to beg for her forgiveness, especially now that even her social media followers would report to her about Shuk's infidelity.

"I don't understand. The divorce is in process, why can't they just have some patience? As a wife, of course I could feel it that there is another woman when he was working in Penang," she said.

She added, "Enough is enough."

Shuk and Rossa tied the knot in 2015 and have two daughters.

The couple's divorce is in progress and they have two children together
The couple's divorce is in progress and they have two children together

(Photo Source: Shuk Sahar Instagram, Roti Kaya)

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