Shuib: Please don't share Siti Sarah's old photos

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17 Aug – Shuib Sepahtu has recently taken to social media to make a plea to the public not to share old photos of his late wife, singer Siti Sarah Raissuddin.

On 15 August, the comedian took to Instagram to express his wishes, writing that while he is thankful for all the prayers, he would rather not see old photos of Sarah prior to her hijab days being shown to the public.

"I hope that everybody will no longer release photos and videos of her that showed her not covering up," he wrote.

The late singer's husband makes a plea to the public to be respectful
The late singer's husband makes a plea to the public to be respectful

In the same post, Shuib also expressed hope that people will not share too many stories about Sarah's good deeds.

"It's enough to be modest in all of our actions. God willing. May we all be blessed by Allah SWT," he added.

The comedian stated that it is enough for people to recite Al-Fatihah whenever they miss Sarah.

Siti Sarah passed away on 9 August several days after giving birth to her son Ayash Affan prematurely as she battled COVID-19. She had to undergo an emergency C-section to save her fourth child as she was seven months pregnant then.

On the other hand, the singer's brother Ahmad Firdous, who was tested positive with COVID-19 and was put into a medically-induced coma several days after her passing, has already woken up.

Ahmad Firdous is doing better
Ahmad Firdous is doing better

(Photo Source: Siti Sarah Raissuddin Instagram, Shuib Instagram)

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