'Wednesday' Season 2 Is Ramping Up Production

'Wednesday' Season 2 Is Ramping Up ProductionNetflix

If you were hoping for a darker season of Wednesday, you’re in luck. Things are about to get a whole lot scarier. In Variety’s latest 'Actors on Actors' series, Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday on the show, hinted that Season Two of the beloved Netflix series is going to be much spookier. “We’ve decided we want to lean into the horror aspect of the show a little bit more. Because it is so lighthearted, and a show like this with vampires and werewolves and superpowers, you don’t want to take yourself too seriously,” she said.

Ortega also revealed that Wednesday won’t have a love interest in Season Two. In Season One, she was involved in a love triangle, but for some viewers, the romance fell flat. While speaking with Variety, Ortega said removing that plot point was a “really great” decision. Season Two will reportedly film in Ireland, with production tentatively set for April 2024 following the conclusion of the SAG-AFTRA strike. The Netflix fan-favorite series was originally renewed this past January, and it's been one of the streamer's highest priorities now that production can begin again.

Earlier this year, while speaking with Elle, Ortega also said she’ll be an executive producer on Season Two, meaning the upcoming episodes will be infused with her ideas. Honestly, we should’ve seen it coming. After seeing what she did with the “Goo Goo Muck” dance scene, I think we can all agree that giving Ortega creative freedom is always a solid plan. Good looking out, Netflix.

Elsewhere in the Elle interview, the legendary Tim Burton explained why Ortega perfectly embodies her character. “You have to kind of ‘be’ Wednesday,” and that’s what Jenna is,” he said. “Whether she likes it or not, she’s got that in her soul, and as a person. Ortega’s deadpan performance and hilarious chemistry with her castmates helped shape the series into a global success. The series, which follows the life of Wednesday Addams from the original Addams Family story, has surprisingly piqued the (morbid) curiosity of an audience wholly unfamiliar with the original material. In this modern iteration, Wednesday tackles her newfound psychic abilities, a murder mystery, and, of course, a magical high school for unordinary children. Now, Netflix has already announced that another go-round with Wednesday was officially in store. So let's discuss Season Two, shall we?

"I kind of want her to be darker," Ortega told Entertainment Tonight about the future of her spooky counterpart. "I want her to get more in the nitty-gritty of things and not play things so safe, because there are a lot of lines about her saving the school and doing whatever, but for me, her main drive with the monster is of competitiveness. Kind of, Man, how’s this guy doing this? I think I want it to continue down an antihero stream rather than a typical hero."

As for Millar, he’d like to see more of Wednesday's perfectly awkward interactions, as she tries (and often... fails) to connect with her peers. In an interview with TV Line, series co-runner Miles Millar explained how the next chapter could push Wednesday out of her comfort zone. "The series is really about a girl who sees the world in black and white, and learning there are shades of gray," Millar said. "I think like any relationship or any friendship, it can get complicated by other factors. It’s never going to be smooth sailing. And it’s really her learning to navigate the ups and downs of friendship."

Millar would also like to explore Wednesday’s family members—including her mother, Morticia, her father, Gomez, and brother, Pugsley. "We felt like we just touched the surface with those characters and the actors are so amazing in those roles," Miler explained, continuing, "Catherine is, I think, an iconic Morticia. The relationship between Wednesday and Morticia is also essential to the show, and the idea that Wednesday is trying to forge her own path outside the family is so important."

Though Millar is interested in exploring their families dynamics, he did clarify the team would "really want to focus the show on Wednesday," in Season Two. There's no release date set quite yet, but if we're lucky, maybe both plots will make it onto our TV screens.

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