Show Lo excited to meet Takuya Kimura

25 Sep – Show Luo couldn't help but feel excited over meeting his idol, Japanese star Takuya Kimura.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who endorsed the same watch brand as the Japanese actor, met Takuya back in July, when they were shooting an advertisement together.

However, it was only recently that the brand uploaded a video of the meeting, in which one can see how excited Show was to sit down and speak with the actor. Show could also be heard telling Takuya that meeting him was the best birthday gift he could ever get.

The singer revealed that he has been a fan of the SMAP member for almost 20 years, and would never missed watching his shows and his concerts. Show added that to be able to get close to the Japanese actor was a dream come true.

Show later shared the meeting on social media, writing, "As long as you keep on dreaming, I believe one day it will come true. Your presence has driven me to be a better person. Thank you, Mr. Kimura."

(Photo Source: Mingpao)