Why you need to replace your towels now

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A bathroom is a breeding place for bacteria - especially the floor and curtains - from the dampness after a shower. With our towels sitting on the towel rail, we are used to using the same towels to dry our bodies, and leaving it out to absorb moisture.

On Reddit, there’s an ongoing debate on how often we should be washing our towels; some say every wash, while others say every three washes, and a minority, questionably say rarely, since ‘we’re clean when we wipe ourselves down.’

To quickly get through this debate, Verity Mann, Head of Testing at the GHI shared that, “It may surprise you, but bath towels should be washed after every three to four uses to keep them hygienic.”

The debate we often miss out is how often should we be replacing our towels.

Buying towels is something you do when you move into a new apartment or house, or maybe you’ll treat yourself every five years or more when you eventually find one you fall in love with.

It’s rarely a second thought, but here are some telltale signs that it’s time to get a new one.

  • The towel fibres break down with use and aren’t absorbing water as efficiently as before.

  • The towel begins to smell just after a couple uses, due to the bacteria embedded in the fibres.

  • The most obvious answer, there are holes or frayed edges.

  • If you’ve had a towel for over two years, it’s time to analyse and question whether it’s time to say goodbye.

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