Shopping: Why you deserve a spa day

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It’s quite easy to forget to take a step back from our day-to-day lives; there aren’t enough hours in the day when you’re working hard and trying to raise a family as well as eating and keeping yourself looked after. If we’re being honest with each other - if we could, we would take a break just for one afternoon - we just need to plan in advance.

Organise a day, ideally when your children are at school or at a sleepover with their friends. Secondly, pick a time when you’re least busy with work; if you’re busy all the time, then pick a midweek evening where you can catch up with the work the following days.

Decide what you can afford. In reality, you’re going to have to spend a bit of money, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you can find the time in your day to treat yourself, you can find the time to spend a little bit of money; after all, it’s a present for yourself.


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Serena Spa

Serena Spa in Orchard

Treat yourself to a day away from your hectic busy life, and get yourself down to Serena Spa located in Marriott Tang Plaza hotel. Feel first-hand, your stress melting away as the consultant releases the knots in your shoulders that have been building up for some time. Whether you have a big event coming up and want to feel refreshed or just need to loosen up a bit, you can feel re-energised with a therapeutic massage.

Kenko Wellness Fish Spa

Kenko Wellness Fish Spa

The award-winning Kenko Wellness Spa delivers beyond your expectations. With the largest foot reflexology and spa chain, you can step into a pool and soothe your leg muscles after suffering from fatigue. Not only that, your feet will feel refreshed as the fishes remove dead skin. This treatment is ideal for families as well as couples. Kenko Wellness Fish Spa has numerous locations so you’re bound to find one near you.

The Outcall Spa Home

The Outcall Spa Home Service in Singapore

Ever feel like not leaving your house? This doesn’t mean you should miss out on a spa day! The Outcall Spa home service is convenient as you can plan your timings and preference. Choose from a variety of massage styles including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tui-na and Prenatal. Close your eyes, indulge in the smell of oils, and feel as if you’re floating in heaven, not your living room. Not to mention, you’ll save time waiting in traffic.

Kenko Wellness

Kenko Wellness Reflexology Massage in Singapore

Reflexology is a technique of massaging that focuses on pressure points across your body. It’s believed that the pressure points on your hands, feet and head can reach all parts of your body and relieving them from any tension and stress. Stemming from Chinese medicine practice, reflexology no doubt feels incredible and is ideal for anyone who is suffering from pain in parts of their body.

Ikeda Spa

Ikeda Spa in Bukit Timah

Take yourself on a ‘getaway’ and enjoy the relaxing pampering sessions Ikeda Spa, the first authentic Japanese spa in Singapore, has to offer. Located in Bukit Timah, Ikeda Spa is an award-winning luxury spa that houses the Hinoki Onsen, crafted from the finest of Japan’s cypress wood that has a profound history of being reserved for only the highest of the royals. Surround yourself with essential oils and a peaceful aura, and you’ll be planning your next trip back here before your session’s even over.