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Reta Lee
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Looking good on conference calls doesn’t mean we just have to rely on lighting and functioning webcams; certain beauty tools and products can also lend a helping hand.

During this global current of coronavirus pandemic, the working force has not fully returned to offices and most of us have resorted to working from home for safety reasons. With webinars and Zoom calls taking over face-to-face meetings, it’s easy to succumb to minimal beauty routine sans makeup.

For the past three months, I’ve stopped wearing foundation and lipstick, and my makeup routine consists of moisturiser and lip balm.

I realised, even on video calls, my tired skin especially around the eye area shows prominently.

To look after my skin better, I tried these beauty products to up my beauty game.

111Skin Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask | approx. S$111

The set comes with eight travel-friendly treatments, that are formulated with a powerful blend of amino acids, peptides and proteins to hydrate and illuminate for a revitalised, younger-looking complexion.

I got my hands on a sheet and tried it an hour before a video call; I must say, it really does ‘awaken’ dull skin and the results were instantaneous!

The mask is really soft on your skin and it feels like you’re wearing a second layer. I wish I could use this every other day but I’m being very precious about it. Totally loving this!

Gucci Westman Eye Love Mascara in The Shanghai Box | approx. S$208

Gucci Westman The Shanghai Box. (PHOTO: Net-A-Porter)
Gucci Westman The Shanghai Box. (PHOTO: Net-A-Porter)

With a formula that boasts of 96% natural origin ingredients, the Gucci Westman Eye Love Mascara aims to deliver its promise on a ‘lush, fluffy, super clean finish’. The mascara alone costs US$62, which definitely raised my eyebrows, so I was keen to give this a try.

Upon first application, it doesn’t feel clumpy, and I could see some definition and soft waves. I wanted in-depth eyelashes, so I went on to zig-zag another round of application, and it looked like I had a pair of natural eyelashes fixed on!

Hello mama! I wore the mascara the whole day and even when I had a face mask on to run errands, I didn’t look ‘dull’. The eyes are the windows of your soul, yes?

Kypris Beauty Ad Astra Nighttime Eye Cream Emulsion | approx. S$255

Kypris Beauty Nighttime Eye Cream Emulsion. (PHOTO: Reta Lee/Yahoo Lifestyle SEA)
Kypris Beauty Nighttime Eye Cream Emulsion. (PHOTO: Reta Lee/Yahoo Lifestyle SEA)

This new luxury line of holistic, high-performing skincare is created with organic, wild-crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals for gorgeous all-natural skin.

Its hydrating formula includes caffeine cocoa butter, ceramides and squalane to treat tired skin around our delicate eye area.

To be used nighttime, the cream is moisturising and it gets absorbed pretty fast, without that sticky feeling.

In the mornings, I realised my under eye circles have been reduced, and the eye area is now less puffy.

Plus, how pretty is the packaging! This is definitely a luxurious buy and I’ve been diligently using it every night as part of my beauty routine.

Joanna Czech facial massager | approx. S$312

Mimicking facialists in salons, an at-home facial massager aims to deliver the same benefits: to relieve tension in your face, thus smoothing out wrinkles; increase blood circulation; and allows for beauty products to get absorbed faster into skin.

Using my current favourite Tata Harper moisturiser, I apply a dollop on my neck and cheeks. There are four methods of rolling as per the video:

First, roll along the side of your neck

Secondly, roll upwards along your jawline and push upwards

Third, repeat at cheekbones with upwards motion

Fourth, finish at your forehead

I don’t have a scheduled time for this; I normally find myself massaging my face while watching a sitcom on Netflix. The applicator is made from zinc and aluminium alloys that leaves your skin with a cooling effect.

What I find is that the handle can be a bit slim for my liking, but otherwise, it’s a very easy tool to use. Happy rolling away!

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