Instant food we almost want to keep a secret from readers

Stephanie Zheng
Lifestyle Editor

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There are two kinds of people in the world. There’s the one who’s got the gumption to tackle recipes after recipes in the kitchen during this pandemic, whether it’s cooking or baking. Then, there is another group of people who would basically make great scavengers.

We’re just kidding. Truth is, this is definitely not the time to force yourself to be productive if you don’t feel up for it, seeing that there are too many uncertainties in the current climate. We understand too if you don’t feel like heading out to takeaway food, nor have the means to spend on food deliveries all the time.

Thus, instant meals can be a fair compromise. Of course, there are only so many instant noodles you can handle before it gets really boring(or take a toll on your body). So, we have here some of the more interesting and yummy alternative instant meals that is a step up from the usual fare. As usual, moderation is key.

CJ Hatban Butter Soy Braised Beef Bowl

As if beef and egg don’t already make a heavenly combination, this beef bowl takes it up a notch with butter and soy sauce, along with seaweed and sesame seeds all in one convenient bowl. The full meal is easy to get, just pop it into the microwave, stir, and you’re done!

Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen

For all you mala lovers, this is for you. The Suan La Fen (hot and sour sweet potato noodle have) often goes under the radar when it comes to Sichuan cuisine in Singapore, overshadowed by popular cousins such as the Mala Xiang Guo or hotpot. Thanks to Hai Chi Jia—which caused quite a bit of stir among online shoppers—it has influenced the import of other brands of Suan La Fen. This OG used to be exclusively available at Sheng Shiong, but now, you can get a box of it online and have it delivered without stepping out of the house!

CJ Samgyetang, 800g

A comforting and healthy bowl of ginseng chicken stew for dinner sounds like the perfect meal, more so on rainy days. The total preparation time: 5 minutes. It’s healthy and yummy, so what more can we ask for?

Instant Squid Cuttlefish Ink Glass Noodles Tonkutsu

It’s not just squid ink, it’s squid ink glass noodle. Just that alone is intriguing enough for any foodie. The glass noodle is paired with Tonkutsu (pork bone broth) soup, which is an interesting take on Surf n’ Turf, we think!

Kembara Instant Malay Cuisine

If you think about it, thick flavourful sauces or stews are some of the best candidates for a reheatable meal, as it most likely will not lose its original texture. With these instant meals, you get a whole range of incredible Malay cuisine, such as chicken rendang, masak merah and more in easy-to-prepare packets. Sure, it might remind you of outfield during army, but trust us, it’s much tastier than that.

Did we miss out any other yummy alternatives? Sound off in comments!