How to shop for classic designer bags that won’t go out of style

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With the advent of online shopping, we’ve been terribly spoiled for choice — for clothes, for shoes, and above all, for bags.

Croissant bags, moon bags, basket bags and baguette bags are just some of the many trends we’ve spotted in the past year, all dictated by the sartorial whims of fashion designers, Instagram influencers and celebrities. While it’s always nice to get creative with how we dress, wouldn’t it be nice to have one good bag that you can take with you anytime, anywhere?

Some fashion brands certainly think so. Another emerging trend, or perhaps anti-trend, that we’ve noticed is the rise of the classic bag: the one revived from the archives of established luxury houses, or else inspired by our mother’s own favourite accessories.

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Very often, these bags are imbued with a sense of history. At Celine, Hedi Slimane has borrowed elements of the brand’s ’60s and ’70s designs (a gold hardware detail here, a leather trim there) to create the brand’s new bestsellers, like the Triomphe and the 16.

Princess Diana, in 1995, with her Lady Dior handbag
Princess Diana, in 1995, with her Lady Dior handbag (Photo credit: Cherruault/SIPA)

At its recent pop-up in Singapore, Coach made a point of showcasing its former designer Bonnie Cashin’s creations from the last century, some of which have been reissued through its Coach Originals collection, or painstakingly restored. And Dior is presently hosting its own pop-up that highlights the Lady Dior handbag, whose silhouette has remained unchanged since Princess Diana first fell in love with it.

What these styles have in common, and what makes them effectively seasonless, is their form: simple, elegant and practical. These are words you can use to describe the ultimate investment bag, the Hermes Birkin. It’s worth nothing that even a brand like Loewe, known for its eccentric shapes like the Puzzle, has recently ventured into tamer territory (see the new Goya bag).

Kaia Gerber with her trusty Celine Ava bag in Sage
Kaia Gerber with her trusty Celine Ava bag in Sage (Photo credit: Getty Images, GOFFPHOTOS.COM, Backgrid)

With that criteria in mind, you can rule out anything that might not age well in your wardrobe, like the trendy styles we mentioned above, or all those tiny handbags that you no longer know what to do with. Longevity is key, especially now that the future of fashion is tied to vintage.

We’re already seeing the attitude reflected in today’s style stars, like Kaia Gerber, who is frequently spotted with her Celine Ava bag, or Kendall Jenner, who relies on her collection of minimalist accessories.

If you’d like to build your own collection of bags that you will love for more than six months, consider our selection below.


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