Shocking! 5-year-old Kindergartener Repeatedly Molested By Babysitter’s Husband

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In one of the most shocking examples of molestation, it was found that a 69-year-old man sexually abused a five-year-old girl in his home.

He was sentenced to two years and three months jail on Tuesday (25 May) after he was found guilty of the heinous crime.

The accused identified as Tan Wee Tim touched the girl’s private parts when his wife –who was her babysitter–was in the kitchen, as reported by Today.

The 69-year-old Man Sexually Assaulted Minor Girl Many Times

examples of molestation
examples of molestation

The offender had sexually abused her multiple times. | Image courtesy: iStock

The girls’ family came to know about the incident after she confided in her mother. She shared that an “uncle” touched her “many times.” Her parents then filed a police report, after she reportedly told her mother, “There is a monster there.”

The incident took place in 2019 when the girl was in kindergarten.

During the trial, the girl’s mum shared that they hired Tan’s wife in September 2018, after seeing her ad on the Gumtree website.

To keep her little one safe from boys, she wanted a nanny who did not have sons.

The child’s “Ah Kuan aunty” had earlier shared that her husband would be home and was a retiree. The girl’s mother didn’t find anything amiss as he seemed like a “grandfather figure.”

The nanny would pick the girl up from kindergarten at 11.30 am and take care of her till about 7 pm when her mother finished work. The nanny also provided the girl with meals and took her to enrichment classes.

“Touched many times”

On that fateful day, the girl’s mum testified that she was late in picking her daughter up due to a work appointment. After they returned home she asked her daughter what she and the uncle were doing; but the child remained silent.

The mum “felt very angry” and “heart pain” when her child eventually revealed what had happened.

She further shared that her daughter didn’t move to protect herself, to which the daughter responded by saying that she walked around the living room “but uncle kept following her.”

“I asked her, ‘Is this the first time uncle touched you? She said many times,” the mother testified in tears.

After the 5-year-old confided in her mum, she assured her that it was not her fault and thanked her for sharing this ordeal. The girl gave also revealed that the offender had asked her not to share anything with her mum.

The “monster” who tried to defend himself

Tan’s defence was that he had no opportunity to commit the offence. As offenders aged 50 years or above cannot be caned under the law, so his jail term is inclusive of one month in lieu of three strokes of the cane.

Tan could be jailed for up to five years or fined, or both, if convicted of molesting a minor.

While this case in particular is heartbreaking, there are several such shocking examples of molestation taking place around us. If you know someone or are a victim yourself, you must find courage in you to come forward and seek help.

Here are some organisations you can contact for immediate help.

How You Can Help Prevent Child Abuse In Singapore

examples of molestation
examples of molestation

There are several helpline numbers in Singapore that can provide help in case of child abuse cases. | Image courtesy: iStock

Any cases of sodomising or sexual abuse incident, you can call Police at 999 or also seek help from the following helplines below:


Phone Number: 1800 777 0000

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday, 24 hours


Phone Number: 1800 777 5555

3. Samaritans of Singapore

Phone Number-1800-221 4444

Address: 10 Cantonment Close #01-01.

Singapore 080010

4. Singapore Association for Mental Health

Phone Number:1800-283-7019

Address: Blk 139 Potong Pasir Avenue 3, #01-136, Singapore 350139

5. Care Corner Counselling Centre (Mandarin)

Phone Number: 1800-353-5800/6250 6813

Address: 6. Woodlands Square #03-01
Woods Square Tower 2. Singapore 737737

As parents, we must teach our children the importance in being alert and confiding in us, should anybody touch them inappropriately. And when they do, you must always be empathetic and understanding towards them. Don’t let them feel guilty for a crime where they are victims.

But if you feel you are unable to help your child, don’t shy away from seeking professional help. Let us pledge to create a safer world for our children and all our loved ones.

News source: Today


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