Shin Lung shares heartbreaking talk with daughter

13 Mar – With his wife Serina Liu's condition not letting up anytime soon, Shin Lung recently took to social media yet again to share a conversation he had with daughter Ni Ni.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who hasn't updated his social media account since his last post back in late February, shared that he found his four-year-old daughter Ni Ni still awake in the wee hours of morning and asked her why she was not in bed asleep.

"Ni Ni said, "I want to coax you to sleep first, otherwise you will be lonely in the living room alone". My heart is broken hearing it. She is only four. Our baby daughter misses her mother so much," he said.

Shin stated that there is not much to say about anything else, but that he hopes everybody will continue to pray for Serina to be okay.

"Please, everyone. Cheer for Serina, give her your blessings, pray for her!" he added.

The Taiwanese actress has been in a coma since late February after her heart stopped beating during a heart valve repair surgery.

(Photo Source: Top 8 News)