Shin Lung will return to work in September

26 Jun – Three months following the death of his wife and professional dancer Serina Liu, it was reported Taiwanese singer Shin Lung will finally return to the limelight soon.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer who hasn't shown his face since his wife was in coma, will be participating in a special concert to show gratitude to all the medical frontliners for their sacrifice during the pandemic, which will be held on 5 September.

The news was also confirmed by Shin's boss and entertainer Jacky Wu, who expressed, "I hoped that he would come out bravely and with courage, so I decided to book the concert and get his approval."

Jacky added that everybody is doing their best in encouraging Shin to begin living a normal life again.

When asked if Shin's performance will be dedicated to Serina, Jacky stated that it would be a simple one.

"He will decide the songs himself and there will be no special emphasis on what had happened," he added.

Shin lost his wife and dancer Serina Liu back in March, a month after she went into coma after having a cardiac arrest while undergoing a heart valve repair surgery at Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

She was 44.

(Photo Source: TVBS)