Sheryl Crow swears by practicing 'mindfulness' meditation

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow has praised the benefits of "mindfulness" meditation.

The country singer was told by doctors that she had a non-invasive form of breast cancer in 2006 and she later underwent a lumpectomy followed by seven weeks of radiation therapy.

The moment "redefined" her life, and in a new op-ed for InStyle magazine, Sheryl explained that she now ensures to make time to practice self-care.

"I do mindfulness meditation, and the objective really is to quiet the brain. Our brains are full of accumulated information that's not always truthful. So, you quiet the mind, and, hopefully, as thoughts come in, you acknowledge them and let them go as opposed to telling yourself, 'I suck. I can't do anything right,'" she commented.

Sheryl also likes to exercise daily to combat the feelings of "unnecessary anxiety".

"Whether it's going for a jog or getting on my rowing machine, it's a great way of burning through some of that unnecessary anxiety," the 57-year-old shared.

Elsewhere in the piece, the Grammy Award-winning star noted that her cancer diagnosis, and later being given the all-clear, had changed her life for the better.

"Having a scare with breast cancer - even knowing that I was going to beat it - transformed and redefined my life in so many ways. That old saying 'Don't sweat the small stuff' had a lot of context for me," she wrote, adding that she had previously been really hard on herself.

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