Sherri Shepherd Asks Audience to Pray for Jamie Foxx During Recovery: ‘He Still Has a Lot More To Do’

While sharing a memory from early in her career when she worked with Jamie Foxx, Sherri Shepherd called on the audience to “keep him in your prayers,” as he recovers from a still-undisclosed “medical complication.”

“He still has a lot more to do,” she said.

During Tuesday’s episode of “Sherri” with actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd the host was performing the “Open Mic” segment of her show when an audience member asked about her time starring on “The Jamie Foxx Show,” which she referred to as a “dream come true” moment.

“The role they had written for me, was only supposed to be one time,” Shepard explained. “And I was like, Jamie just gives you a good time, he makes everyone laugh and it was such a great set I said, “I want to come back on this show.” So, they happened to put me next to Jamie and I only had one line, and I said, ‘what can I do to get Jamie’s attention?’ So, as he was talking, I put his hand on my thigh.”

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Shepherd continued: “He looked at my hand and he put it on my thigh. And I said, “what else can I do?” Then I leaned up in his neck and I sniffed as he was talking, and it made Jamie laugh. The thing about Foxx is if you make him laugh he keeps you around. So, he kept laughing. I made everybody on the cast and crew laugh, because I didn’t say anything, and I just decided to take a risk. And then Jamie kept bringing me back.”

Shepherd then went on to share that she’d love to bring the entire cast back for a reunion, and ask for viewers and audience members to keep Foxx in their prayers.

“We got to do the Jamie Foxx show again,” Shepherd said. “I was like let’s just do something together… It was a lot of fun doing the Jamie Foxx show. He’s so much fun so keep him in your prayers, he still has a lot more to do!”

Foxx, 55, was hospitalized on April 12 for what his family euphemistically referred to as a “medical complication.” Prior to his hospitalization, he was filming in Atlanta for Netflix’s “Back in Action.” On May 3, sources close to Foxx asked for fans and supporters to “pray” for the Oscar-winner. On May 12, Foxx’s daughter, responding to those earlier reports, said Foxx was home and “has been recovering for weeks.”

The nature of Foxx’s medical issue has not been made public.

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