Sheila Rusly frustrated over "Roti Cicah Susu" filming halt

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20 Oct - Sheila Rusly recently expressed frustration after the production of her new TV series, "Roti Cicah Susu" was suddenly halted by the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS).

The actress and producer stated that her company JS Pictures was accused of filming without the Certificate of Filming (SPP), which is an important piece of document that a producer needs to apply under the FINAS Act of 1981 (Amendment 1984), Act 244 and Act 589 – which had since caused the whole production in Ipoh to grind to a halt on 12 October.

"We have not received any explanation from FINAS regarding the decision. It went silent as if nothing had happened," she said.

Sheila stressed that her company has never faced such an issue throughout their operation, saying that they have always maintained professionalism when it comes to filming works.

"When things like this happens, it really taints our image, as if we were sneaking around filming our drama," she said.

The actress-producer releases proof that they have the cert in question
The actress-producer releases proof that they have the cert in question
Sheila filming the 'Roti Cicah Susu' series in Ipoh
Sheila filming the 'Roti Cicah Susu' series in Ipoh

Asked if the situation could be some kind of sabotage, the producer stated that it was not something that she could answer.

On the other hand, FINAS Chairman Zakaria Abdul Hamid stated that an investigation is currently ongoing.

"Preliminary review found that the case may be related to the filming. The SPP certificate will only be issued if the filming license has not expired. Undoubtedly, many production companies overlook the date the license is to be renewed before it expires or the application needs to be resubmitted. This is very disappointing for us," he said.

Sheila has been filming the drama since September, having had to postpone the schedule earlier due to the Movement Control Order caused by the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

The upcoming series, "Roti Cicah Susu" is the producer's second adaptation of novelist Liza Nur's novel, following the 2020 series, "Bukan Gadis Biasa" starring Ayda Jebat and Remy Ishak. The original story revolves around a group of orphans who are separated through tragedy only to be reunited in their adulthood, each carrying their own burdens and varying experiences.

(Photo Source: Sheila Rusly Instagram)

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