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I tried Sheertex's tear-resistant tights and I finally get why everyone's raving about them

They claim to be 10 times more durable than standard styles.

(Sheertex / Yahoo Life UK)
You can't argue with the quality of these tights. (Sheertex / Yahoo Life UK)

There isn't much worse than putting on a fresh pair of tights to uncover a gaping hole in them shortly after leaving you with one of two choices: 1) rock the edgy, this-is-completely-purposeful look, or 2) take them off and don bare legs. Which, if you're thinking of wearing tights in the first place, is usually not the favourable option. The solution? Invest in a pair of quality tights that you can wear again and again, preferably the very tights music royalty, Taylor Swift, swears by.

That's right, I decided that after one too many snags and hole-strucken tights, it was time to try Sheertex — the rip-resistant, "indestructible" tights shoppers have been describing as the "most comfortable pair of tights" they've ever owned.

For me, it was the brand's most popular and best-selling design I wanted to give a go, the Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights, £59.

🛍️ Product reviewed: Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights
Tested for: One month
Rating: 4/5
💸 Reasons to buy: Ridiculously comfortable, soft on the skin, good level of sheerness, easy to wear
Reasons to avoid: Expensive, unusual size guide
💰 Best deal we've found: You can snap up this pair of tights for a reduced price of £39 (down from £59)

A step up from your everyday pair of tights. 

£39 at Sheertex

💸 Reasons to buy

When it comes to wearing tights, comfort is key. And this pair from Sheertex did not disappoint. Unbelievably soft on the skin, and, quite frankly, stupidly comfortable to wear, these tights blew my previous picks out of the water. And I'm not the only one saying this, other shoppers are describing the tights as "comfortable and durable", and "truly amazing".

On first putting them on, they did require some pulling and tugging, as expected with any pair of brand-new tights. But it didn't take long for them to settle into the shape of my body.

(Yahoo Life UK)
They're the perfect sheerness and are super comfortable and durable. (Yahoo Life UK)
The mid-rise, thick waistband saves you constantly pulling the tights up. (Sheertex)

£39 £59 at Sheertex Shop Sheertex tights

Reasonably thick, they've definitely got some weight to them — likely due to the strong sheer knit that's allegedly 10 times more durable than standard tights.

I particularly loved the mid-rise waistband that cinched me in comfortably, but didn't feel restrictive, even when worn on a day involving lots of food and drink.

Pretty much as smooth as silk, they paired perfectly with anything I wore over them, and didn't cause any of my clothes to cling to them, which I often find with certain satin-style dresses and skirts.

They definitely get points for flexibility, too. I wasn't restricted in any way while wearing them. (Sheertex)
The reinforced crotch means they sit comfortably and don't move. (Sheertex)

£39 £59 at Sheertex

Reasons to avoid

My main bugbear with these tights is the size guide. As with any piece of clothing, before ordering I referred to the guidelines on size — here I was faced with a size chart that used weight to determine your size. I don't regularly weigh myself, so took a wild guess and landed on a M (I'm anywhere between a 10 and 12 on on the bottom). Admittedly, the sizing was spot on and did fit me perfectly, but I can imagine this could be a little triggering for some people.

Although I experienced no snags, loose threads or rips when wearing these tights on multiple occasions — out for dinner, to the office, and on coffee dates — I did find a very small ladder, which I can only imagine was caused by my cowboy boots. Providing you take proper care, I can't argue with this pair of tight's durability.

The only other obvious thing to consider is the cost. These tights aren't cheap, especially when you're used to shopping multipacks for under £6. But in this case, you are most definitely paying for quality and long-term usage. This isn't the sort of pair you'll wear once and have to throw away because you've spotted a snag or they've lost their shape.

💰 Best deal we've found

Right now you can get 35% off this exact pair from Sheertex, for a reduced price of £39 down from £59 — saving you £20.

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