Shawn Yue risks life doing underwater fight for new movie

26 Nov – Although he admitted that "The Brink" was one of the toughest film projects he has ever made, Shawn Yue believed that it was not the hardest of them all.

"I have done too many challenging movies in recent years to say this is the toughest yet," said the actor, when asked about it at the premiere of the said movie recently, according to Mingpao

Shawn, however, admitted that it was difficult doing the underwater fight scenes with Max Zhang, saying that he almost died several times despite being a good diver

"Since all the equipment had to be removed underwater, we had to breathe out all the air before we start fighting. Yes, there were professional divers nearby to assist, but it was hard when you can't see clearly in the water," he said

Shawn said that he nearly risked his own life one day, after using so many oxygen tanks in a single day

"The Japanese cinematographer on the set realised that I didn't look quite right, so he advised me not to go back into the water," he said

The actor added that he also felt pity towards Max, who must have had tougher times doing the scenes with him, since the latter didn't know how to dive

The upcoming movie is set to be released on 30 November.