Shawn Yue apologises for clothing design blunder

5 Mar – Following the controversy surrounding his clothing brand's red sweater, Shawn Yue recently took to social media to express his frustration and apology over the issue.

As reported on UDN, the actor who was accused of supporting the Hong Kong independence movement yet again after mainland netizens claimed that one of his sweaters has an image that relays the HK protests' slogan "5 demands, not 1 less", stated that he felt angered and contempt over being slandered yet again, but is also sorry for the misunderstanding.

"The design was completed originally in March 2019. As the owner of the brand, my team and I have to express our apologies for not handling it well throughout the whole process," he added.

Shawn stated that they will take down all products with similar designs to avoid from misunderstandings in the future.

At the same time, the actor also expressed hope for everybody to focus instead on taking care of their health during the pandemic.

In a previous statement, MADNESS explained that the image of one hand showing five fingers and another showing one was just symbolising Shawn Yue's moniker, Uncle Six and has nothing to do with the conflict between Hong Kong and China.

(Photo Source: Shawn Yue Instagram)