Shawn Yue accused of supporting HK protests again

4 Mar – Shawn Yue has yet again been accused of supporting the Hong Kong independence movement, after netizens noticed a design from his clothing brand MADNESS to be somewhat relaying such a message.

According to UDN, mainland netizens recently shared a photo of a red sweater - which was one of the items released by the brand - that has an image of one hand showing off five fingers and another one showing only one.

They claimed that the image is similar to the hand gestures that the Hong Kong protesters used in reference to their "5 demands, not 1 less" slogan against the HKSAR government under Carrie Lam, and are now saying that Shawn was lying when he denied that he was supporting the movement.

On 2 March, MADNESS released a statement on its official Weibo account to deny the allegations, saying that the design was created by an American illustrator to represent Shawn's moniker, "Uncle 6" or "Number 6", that came from his Cantonese name Yue Man Lok.

"MADNESS regrets this misunderstanding in the name of creativity, and reserves the right to pursue legal action," it added.

(Photo Source: Shawn Yue Instagram)