Shashank Trivedi: How Influencer Marketing Can Push Your Brand to the Next Level?

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As time is strengthening and we are entering the digitalized world, influencer marketing is becoming the next big thing on social media.

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As per our discussion with Shashank Trivedi, founder, and CEO of Online Apes Media, he told us that 81% of his clients have focused on influencers for their products and services, out of which 51% of them claimed it worked better than the content created by the brand itself. also reveals that 49% of consumers rely on influencer content for their next purchase.

Influencer marketing is becoming a mainstream marketing trend because of the power of social media in today’s times. It doesn’t mean that the brands only want their products promoted by the celebrities like Michael Jordan or Kanye West, but here, Nano and Micro-influencers are gaining much popularity because of the loyal followers base and word of mouth.

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Here are the few points that Shashank discussed with us on how influencer marketing can help in increasing your brand awareness:

  • Enhance trust and credibility: With the booming culture of social networking platforms, around 76% of internet users trust user-generated content rather than the brand itself. This helps in long-term relationships of a brand with the influencers but also in getting endorsements from more reliable sources and delivers more favorable brand salience.

  • Drive Purchasing decisions: Nowadays, people follow and trust the influencers rather than the traditional media for their purchasing decisions, resulting in positive reception to brands.

Shashank told us that almost 49% of users have made purchases based on the referrals of influencers. As with them, users can relate to them on a personal level; which makes their buying decision convenient and increases awareness of the brand.

  • Increase Sales: The majority of the women use social media to get reviews on the product and half of them make buying decisions based on the influencers’ posts.

And it is not only about women, but more and more people are now considering social media as the primary source which helps brands in increasing their sales and generating revenue.

  • Creating Engaging Content: Unlike with brands, the target audience can deeply resonate with the influencers. It is because the influencers create engaging content where they include the details of the product, pricing details, and what you can expect from it after using it in person. Hence, building a loyal customer base and defined segment for the brand.

Shashank Trivedi is the CEO and Founder of Online Apes Media, a digital marketing agency that creates exceptional digital user experiences with its motto - Digital. Design. Social. Video.

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