Sharon Osbourne backtracks on claims she fired employee after sending him into burning house

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has insisted she was "being precocious" when she claimed she sacked an employee after they failed to see the funny side of having to retrieve her paintings from a house fire.

During an appearance on U.K. TV show Would I Lie To You? last month, Sharon revealed she sent the ex-assistant into her burning house to save artwork, before sacking him for not laughing with her and rocker husband Ozzy about the incident later.

The former America's Got Talent judge added the man's arm and hair had caught on fire before she put out the flames by pushing him into a fountain, but she soon hit headlines and was attacked by fans for being a "horrible person" for her purported actions.

However, speaking on her popular U.S. panel show The Talk, the star confessed she embellished the story for the comedy show, urging her critics to "get off my back".

“I told a true story about a fire I had in my house, and I woke up my husband’s assistant. I told him to go in and get the paintings out of the room,” Sharon said. “He went in, he got the paintings out, and then, just be to precocious, I said at the end of this little thing I was doing, ‘Oh, and then I fired him’.

"It was a joke, because I was on a comedy show, and then it comes out in the papers, this man saved our paintings, then I fired him," she added.

After setting the record straight, the star quipped: "I fired him about 15 years later.”

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