Sharon Luk admits online business is booming

11 Mar – Hong Kong actress Sharon Luk recently admitted that her online business has been booming since the outbreak of COVID-19.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB actress who has her own beauty and skincare business, shared that the pandemic has not impacted her business online but has made it even more profitable.

"Maybe it's because people do not go out in the streets as much, so they shop online instead. The website has an increase of visitors up to 50 percent," she enthused.

However, Sharon admitted that the same cannot be said about the physical store.

"The sale is almost zero, so you can say that both sides have evened it out," she added.

As to why her online sales have been increasing, Sharon believes that it has something to do with them selling face masks and disinfectants at a cheap price.

"We try not to make too much profit at cost, but because of that, customers would also buy other products when they log in to purchase the masks and disinfectants," she added.

(Photo Source: Sharon Luk Instagram)