Sharon Kwok expresses frustration with Etta Ng

11 Oct - While Elaine Ng refused to make further comments about her daughter's relationship, her good friend and actress Sharon Kwok recently expressed her frustration towards Etta for her choice of partner.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress recently responded to Etta's social media post about her coming out as gay, saying that she has issues with the 17-year-old Etta dating Instagram model Andi Autumn, who is 29.

"Sexual preference is not an issue," she stressed, "[But] when a 'teacher' oversteps the bounds of professionalism, when said teacher misleads a minor, those are the issues."

She continued, "If the teacher were a man, the world would be condemning him, but people have lost sight of the real problem because she self-created an image of a tiny little pink playboy bunny."

She also blasted Etta for dropping of school to work and live with Andi, saying "No, it is not okay to be a high school drop-out. Not to mention other activities, and I am not referring to sex. Shame on this creature. Auntie Sharon is most disappointed."

Etta later responded to the post, saying, "You're an adult, maturity is not commenting on Facebook. If you have a problem with me, I'd appreciate if you could message me directly."

Sharon then replied that she has sent Etta a message in private, and wished her the very best in surviving the trials of life.

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