Sharon Cuneta: Gabby Concepcion approached me for a duet

Heidi Hsia

25 Sep – Sharon Cuneta recently revealed that it was Gabby Concepcion who approached her for a duet performance at the Gabay Guro 2019.

As reported on Push, the actress, who spoke about the surprise duet that made the news recently, stated that the two of them weren't actually supposed to sing together.

"I don't even know he was going to be there. I prepared two songs, and then he asked a friend of mine if he could talk to me," she said.

Cuneta stated that she immediately agreed to perform with Concepcion.

"It was nice, because we saw the reaction, how warm the people were still into our [collaboration]," she said.

As to comments that the two didn't seem to spark a lot of chemistry like they used to, Cuneta said that it was better that way for both of them, who have already moved on from their failed marriage a long time ago.

"It would be concerning if we had feelings for each other. But I think the chemistry cannot go away. You can't fake it. They know I am happily married and that he has family as well," she said.

(Photo Source: Gabay Guro Instagram)