Sharon Cuneta expresses love for JoshLia

16 May – Sharon Cuneta couldn't help but express her love for the popular tandem JoshLia, after both Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto sent her sweet messages on Mother's Day.

The actress, who worked with the two young actors on the 2017 movie, "Unexpectedly Yours", posted a photo of them on her Instagram recently, and wrote, "Thank you to my "babies," Julia and Joshua, for their sweet messages to me on Mother's Day."

"I have loved many co-actors like my own kids, but these two by far, I have to say are the ones who own my heart. I miss you, my [children]. I love you so much and will always be here for each of you for anything. Thank you so much for loving me," she said.

Cuneta also admitted that she sometimes feels more loved and appreciated by those who aren't related to her by blood.

"Remember that Mama thinks of you every day. I thank God that I got to meet and know you two because you've given me nothing but love and happiness. Treasure each other. In the end, nothing else matters. God bless you. I really miss you," she added.

(Photo Source: Sharon Cuneta Instagram)