The Shark Detect Pro has 20% off – here's what I thought when I tried it

shark detect pro review
I tried Shark's Detect Pro – here's what I thoughtShark/Amazon

When I noticed my tired, three-year-old vacuum cleaner wasn't picking up a single piece of dirt when vacuuming, I knew it was time for a replacement. After copious amounts of research, I decided to try Shark's newest offering: the Detect Pro.

Why? Well, not only is Shark a household name in the world of vacuum cleaners (the fight with Dyson is on), but the Detect Pro came up trumps in my hunt for models with innovative design and smart features. So, did the Detect Pro live up to expectations? I reveal all below.

Top features

When unboxing the Detect Pro, the extensive range of features caught my eye immediately. So, what are they? Firstly, the Detect Pro has four deep-cleaning technologies:

  • DirtDetect boosts the vacuum's power when it detects hidden dirt

  • EdgeDetect doubles the vacuum's suction when it detects an edge

  • FloorDetect changes the suction power when it detects different floor types

  • LightDetect turns the built-in light on when it detects a low-light area

As well as this (already impressive) roster, the Detect Pro claims to be 25 per cent lighter than a standard cordless vacuum cleaner, has three power modes (auto, eco and boost), as well as an LED display which shows the level of dirt detected and anti hair wrap technology. Sounds good, right?

Putting the Detect Pro to the test: the pros


Once I'd unboxed and charged my Detect Pro, it was time to put it to the test. I started on a particularly tricky-to-vacuum rug downstairs and was instantly impressed with the suction power. Having two Persian cats, I'm often left with fur and litter everywhere, and the Detect Pro was able to remove it in a flash. Hello, hoover lines!


Perhaps one of the things I was most impressed with was how lightweight the Detect Pro was. Compared to my previous (and rather heavy) model, I was able to pick the Detect Pro up and move it around without a struggle – even when lugging it up the stairs. It's also designed with a flexible wand, meaning I was able to manoeuvre it easily around awkwardly-shaped furniture.


After vacuuming my rug, I thought I'd move onto a hard floor to see if the Detect Pro really was able to detect a change in surface. And sure enough, as soon as I'd moved into the kitchen, the suction switched from a high suction to a much lower (and less noisy) suction. I noticed this was the same when the vacuum detected an edge or an area with lots of dirt (or in my case, cat litter), as the LED screen would change colour from blue to red. Delivered as promised!

Putting the Detect Pro to the test: the cons

Battery life

Shark claims that the Detect Pro has a 60 minute battery life which, in my experience, is the absolute upper limit of this piece of kit. After a few uses – just to check that I'd fully charged my Shark – I was still only able to use the vacuum cleaner for around 30 minutes before it switched off. After some further research, I realised that this is because the Detect Pro has up to 60 minutes of battery time if left in eco mode. Warning: if using boost mode, this time decreases rapidly!


I was surprised at how noisy the Detect Pro got when using the highest suction mode. Though not as noisy as some of my previous corded vacuum cleaners, it was noisier than my previous cordless model when on full power.


Now, there's no denying that the Detect Pro is lightweight and easy to carry around. Although with this comes a smaller dust compartment (or 'dust cup') which means more regular emptying. The dust compartment is super easy to empty – quite literally at the pop of a button – so this wasn't really an issue for me, but Shark does offer a version with a smart auto-empty system if this is an issue for you.

Putting the Detect Pro to the test: the verdict

Overall, I was really impressed with the Shark Detect Pro. Not only is it plenty powerful, but it's super lightweight and can be moved around with ease. It can be noisy at times and the battery life could be improved, but the four deep-cleaning technologies really do set this piece of kit apart – I'd go as far as saying it's the best vacuum cleaner I've owned (so far!).

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