Sharifah Sakinah denies being third party in boyfriend's marriage

Heidi Hsia
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Sharifah Sakinah: I am not a husband-stealer!
Sharifah Sakinah: I am not a husband-stealer!

30 Dec – Sharifah Sakinah has blasted allegations that she was a husband-stealer, after confirming her relationship and upcoming wedding to Swedish boyfriend Michael Hansen recently.

The actress gave an immediate response to the issue - after rumours of her being the third party in Hansen's marriage circulated on the internet - saying that she would be the first woman to say no to dating a married man.

"I knew Hansen were married before and has two children age eight and five since the early days of our relationship. When I met him, he was already divorced and was already single since he was working in Singapore prior to moving to Malaysia," she said.

Sakinah also added that she even contacted Hansen's former employee to make certain that he was who he said.

"I will prove that I am not a husband-stealer. If anybody wants to ask the former employee about it, you can do so," she said.

Michael Hansen is currently in Sweden with his children
Michael Hansen is currently in Sweden with his children

Sakinah also revealed that Hansen has already returned to Sweden a few weeks ago to celebrate Christmas with his two children, as well as arranging several personal matters with his ex-wife.

"There are several things he has to do involving his divorce. Westerners have different procedures to undergo when they are separated," she said.

As for their upcoming wedding, the actress assured that they will be tying the knot on 28 May if everything goes according to plan.