Sharifah Amani not ready to reveal fiance

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28 Jul – Sharifah Amani recently stated that she is not yet ready to share photos of her fiancé, even though they have been engaged for over a month now.

The actress, who spoke to the media recently, stated that she would rather not speak about it too much, seeing that the social media age seemed to warrant people to give their opinions even when they are not needed.

"No matter what you do, they'll see a fault in you. Everything is to be criticised," she said.

Amani also stated that her husband-to-be does not work in showbiz, and that she would rather not have any outside influences going their way.

"As soon as we get married, then you can say whatever you want," she added.

When asked to share more about her fiancé, the "Gubra" actress said that she fell for his intelligence.

"He is able to handle me. He's very intelligent. I am always attracted to intelligence and he is also funny," she added.

As for the date of the wedding, Amani said that she does not rule out tying the knot this year.

Sharifah Amani announces her engagement back in June
Sharifah Amani announces her engagement back in June

(Photo Source: Sharifah Amani Instagram)

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