Shania Twain: 'Worrying about ageing is a waste of time'

Shania Twain

Shania Twain is adamant attempts to slow down the ageing process are a waste of time.

The Man! I Feel Like a Woman! hitmaker, who is currently in the midst of her Let's Go! residency show in Las Vegas, admitted during the latest instalment of the LadyGang podcast that she's too busy to be sitting around and contemplating what it means to be getting older.

"For me personally, I'm sure it's very different for everybody, but I just started with time," she said. "Stepping out of battles that I couldn't win. I mean, you know, ageing is a battle you can't win. That battle and the focus and energy it takes, is taking up too much space! In my life, my emotional state, my mental state... I've got songs to write. I'm not gonna sit around."

Shania, who released a new record, Now, in 2017, went on to insist her music is her top priority.

"I'd rather dream about songs or dream about other things I want to do in my life, and I want to just daydream. I want to fantasise and enjoy what I do have and just, like, forget about the stuff I can't change, or that I can't have," the 54-year-old commented. "So, I think it's a waste of time and energy to worry about trying to slow my ageing process down. I'm just going to be healthy, and I'm so much more accepting of the way I look, with or without clothes."

Elsewhere in the chat, Shania also shared how thrilled she was to be included in the cast of I Still Believe, an upcoming romantic drama in which she plays the mother of KJ Apa's musician character.

"I was just too busy before. I've always found the idea of acting something that I would've liked to have done much earlier on, and I was sent scripts and stuff, but I was just so busy wearing so many hats," she added.

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