Shangri-La Makes Its First F&B Foray With Shang Social

Jamie Han

The Shangri-La group has all along been known for their hotels, clubs and resorts, showcasing to the world what hospitality and luxury meant. Now, the group will make its foray into the F&B business beyond their properties at the much-hyped Jewel Changi Airport this April.

Meet Shang Social (香聚) – an immersive culinary experience conceptualised by three of Shangri-La’s very own highly acclaimed master chefs. Shang Social will have three different spaces within the restaurant – each featuring a different dining experience for individuals, making Shang Social a place to dine in for everyone.

The new Shang Social will open in April 2019 at the much-hyped Jewel at Changi Airport.

The menu features both traditional and modern interpretations of classic Chinese cuisines from three distinctive Chinese cuisines – Cantonese, Huaiyang, and Sichuan. With close to 100 dishes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice at Shang Social.

Michelin-starred Cantonese Chef Mok Kit Keung will have two of his signature dishes – Bamboo Noodles with Dark Soya Sauce and Lard, and Deep-fried Whole Boneless Chicken filled with Fried Glutinous Rice, featured under the Cantonese selection. Chef Joe Hou recognised as China’s Huaiyang cuisine global ambassador, will bring his personal Huaiyang favourites to the table. Sichuan cuisine specialist Chef Rick Du, executive Chinese chef at Summer Palace, Shangri-La Hotel in Shenyang, completes the Shang Social culinary journey with his Sichuan dishes.

                                                                               Shang Social’s “Dining” space

The 88-seater plush full-service dining space offers diners the best selection of authentic Chinese dishes, re-imagined in vibrant and modern expressions. Those seeking a more exclusive dining experience can opt for the private dining rooms. This includes The Chef’s Table, which brings 12 diners up close to the culinary action taking place in the main kitchen. Guests can enjoy personally curated menus from the resident chefs. Meanwhile, The Courtyard provides guests with an immersive dining experience in the surrounds of Jewel’s Forest Valley.

                                                                          Shang Social’s “MKRT” space

Shang Social will also feature a contemporary Chinese-style marketplace abuzz with diners enjoying casual communal dining. The Shang Social MRKT will showcase exciting seasonal culinary delights from around the region at its pop-up feature kitchen. The retail space within the marketplace offers guests the opportunity to browse a collection of exclusive delicacies and bring home a taste of Shang Social, such as a selection of exclusive Shang Social sauces.

Last but not least, at the heart of Shang Social is the Shang Social Bar, a true hidden gem within Jewel. The 18- seater bar bridges East and West flavours harmoniously, pairing its one-of-a-kind cocktails with modern Chinese tapas.

Whether or not you’re in the mood for a full-course meal, a casual communal dinner or you would just like to get a couple of drinks with your friends  – Shang Social is the place to be. Maybe you’ll make a few new friends, it is Shang “Social” after all!

Shang Social (香聚)
Jewel Changi Airport,
78 Airport Boulevard,
#01-219 to 222
Singapore 819666

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