Shanghai-based celebs start growing vegetables

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1 May - With the Shanghai lockdown remaining intact to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic in the city, celebrities have now turned to a new skill to make things work.

As reported on Epoch Times, as food being provided by the government is not sufficient and those bought on the "black market" are too expensive and bad, many Shanghainese, including celebrities, have now turned to growing their own vegetables.

This includes Hong Kong-born actress Ada Choi, whose husband Max Zhang recently revealed, has begun planting her own vegetables on the balcony.

He also shared photos of the actress and their youngest child tending to a variety of vegetables in the planter box, writing, "She started growing vegetables."

Ada and her child busy at work
Ada and her child busy at work

The same goes for Ma Yili, who posted a photo of herself planting green onions on Weibo, captioning it, "Planted overnight. It will never stop."

Zheng Kai's wife Vivi Miao also chose to grow her own vegetables on the balcony, even so much as to post labels on her various plants, and shared vlogs of all the vegetables she planted, including the mushrooms she cultivated.

However, when it comes to the "pioneer" of pandemic era celebrity gardener, that title goes to Angelababy, who revealed in a 2020 interview when the pandemic first hit that she has been using her free time growing vegetables at home.

To prove to the sceptics, she even recorded a video showing the process of planting a vegetable, from weeding, turning the soil, to watering the plants.

(Photo Source: SINA, Max Zhang Weibo)

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