Shakira Eats Chocolate Almost Every Day, And I Can Completely Get Behind That

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OK, seriously: Have you seen Shakira lately? While she's always looked amazing, her health and fitness game is straight fire these days. It's not by accident—Shakira works seriously hard to look that good. Lucky for the rest of us, her trainer has spilled her secrets here and there. Here are the health habits Shakira swears by.

Set a schedule.

Anna Kaiser, who has been Shakira's go-to trainer for years, told E! News that the singer works out five days a week.

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Have some fun with your food.

"We did some protein shakes, protein pancakes, and I would peel a couple of oranges and slice them up and top them with turmeric and cinnamon," Kaiser told E! News of Shakira's diet. "It is pretty much about making it fun and different and also the presentation."

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Savor what you eat.

Shakira likes to take time to actually enjoy her food instead of chowing down on the run. "If you cut up a piece of fruit, peel it, put it on a dish, and top it with something fun, it feels like a real snack. Instead of just walking down the street while peeling an orange and eating it—you're not actually taking a minute to enjoy that snack," Kaiser told E! News. "So instead, make it a little bit of a ritual and sit down every two to three hours, even if it takes you five minutes to eat it. You'll be surprised how that triggers your brain."

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